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Title Claims And Disputes — Title Companies

McMullan & Brown has a long history of serving the needs of the title insurance industry. The firm has handled complicated transactional and litigation matters affecting title. They have experience representing national title insurance companies in Arkansas as title to insured property and mortgages are challenged. The firm has also represented title underwriters in coverage issues. The firm has successfully litigated challenges to the legitimacy of the interest the insured property owner had in the subject property from issues resulting from

  • Defective legal descriptions
  • Access issues
  • Fraudulent conveyance
  • Authority of representative signing
  • Fraud and forgery
  • Missing heirs

McMullan & Brown appreciates that when a title company issues a policy, it is relying on the public documents available to it to give assurance to the party acquiring an interest in the real estate that the ownership of the property is indisputable. Occasionally, the lag time between filing a document and when that document is available to the public results in a lien or other basis for challenge to title being overlooked. In those cases, it is important that the law firm retained to clear up the dispute does more than just understand the intricacies of property law. A law firm that goes beyond the routine reaction to a cloud on the title and dig for evidence of a defense is invaluable.

McMullan & Brown rises to the challenge in complex litigation. The firm has exceptional organizational abilities to handle high-volume document cases. McMullan & Brown has even successfully defended law suits that sought class action status. The Firm’s attorneys have a proven track record of handling cases that require, if not an unorthodox look at the facts, a willingness to tenaciously put the challenger to the strictest burden of proof for their claim. They will find the smoking gun.

The firm recognizes that claims are equated with losses. Therefore, the firm puts a positive spin to a claim by giving the insured excellent service to enhance the reputation of the underwriter.

McMullan & Brown welcomes the opportunity to represent title insurance companies in the defense of challenges to insured title. Contact them to discuss the challenge and learn how McMullan & Brown can assist you.