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When you are looking to sell or purchase property, McMullan & Brown would like to suggest you consult an attorney. Real estate documents are essentially contracts and they can tend to be long-winded. The purpose is to try to best protect the interest of all of the parties involved. However, the very length of the documents can make them vulnerable to dispute, especially since many people simply tend to sign them without reading them. People tend to gloss over portions of documents or misunderstand language within a contract. They invite you to have them review your transaction putting pen to paper and avert problems with title defects from such things as

  • Boundary disputes
  • Legal description errors
  • Proper form consent
  • Mortgages, liens and restrictions.

While it is certainly not impossible for an individual to represent himself or herself in the purchase or sale of real estate, it is almost never a good idea. Real estate is not an inexpensive commodity and with so much at stake, it only makes sense to make sure that someone who deals in the area day in and day out is looking out for your best interests. That’s what McMullan & Brown does.

As your transaction progresses, the firm can represent your interests like no other and in the time frame you set. This includes:

  • Requesting and reviewing a title search to evaluate the status of the title and take actions to clear defects
  • Preparing or reviewing your Closing Statement and other ancillary closing documents to ensure there are no surprises at closing, including assuring that the property is accurately described in all ownership documents
  • If you are the seller of property and offering financing to the buyer, drafting the documents to protect your investment and discuss risks
  • Advising you how the deed should indicate title based on your wishes
  • Review surveys, plats and restrictive covenants
  • Drafting the contract of sale if you do not use a realtor
  • Advising you on the handling of earnest money in the event of a cancellation of the transaction

In addition to advising you along the way and helping to make sure all the background work is done, your attorney can assist you to make sure that every detail that has been discussed has made its way into the final documents the way you had intended. In this way, you are assured that the property you are paying for has a secure title and proper title insurance coverage. This is the most critical part of all, and your attorney’s participation is important in helping you protect your investment and your financial security.

McMullan & Brown of Benton , Arkansas has years of experience helping homeowners in these situations. They charge a flat-rate fee for most of this type of preparation. If you are a consumer involved in, or thinking of becoming involved in a real estate transaction, contact the firm today so you can rest easier.