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The Dangers Of Do-It-Yourself Planning

Do-it-yourself estate planning typically involves consultation with dubious online legal sources or purchase and completion of standard estate forms at a “big box” office supply store. Unfortunately, the result of these efforts is a substandard outcome that does not benefit family members the way it should.

Presumably, a person who wasn’t trained in maintenance of a home’s infrastructure wouldn’t attempt to fix a plumbing or electrical problem themselves; or repair a car; or provide their own tech help during computer problems. By the same token, the job of ensuring a family’s future financial security through estate planning should be left to an experienced legal professional — someone with command of the statutes, a grasp of the documentation needed and many years of positive results for clients.

Simply put, your loved ones are worth the investment in a skilled estate planning attorney like Amy Clemmons Brown of the McMullan & Brown law firm in Little Rock. Amy knows how to make your estate planning say what you want it to say. She listens to you, learns from you and applies this new knowledge to a legally binding statement of your goals.

Estate Planning Solutions For Arkansas Clients

Amy Clemmons Brown is a lawyer who regularly advises individuals, families and business clients on the wisdom of estate planning instruments such as:

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