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Probate Administration

Are you an executor, trustee, beneficiary, spouse or creditor seeking representation during the probate administration of a friend or loved one’s estate, whether or not a will exists?

The job of advocating for any of these parties requires years of experience, deep knowledge of the worlds of estates and probate and the ability to dig for details in case of any irregularity. Attorney Amy Clemmons Brown of the McMullan & Brown law firm in Little Rock checks all of those boxes. She works hard to smoothly guide clients through the probate process in ways that conform to the wishes of their deceased relative.

When disagreements over distribution of real property and financial accounts mentioned in an estate threaten to divide family members, or when the validity of a will is questioned on grounds of incompetency or undue influence, resulting in a will contest, Amy uses her talents for research and negotiation to strive for an outcome amenable to all parties.

It could be that certain assets spelled out in estate planning may be transferable, whether or not an estate contains a will. Amy can tell you if your late loved one’s life insurance proceeds, retirement funds, jointly owned property, property moved to a living trust or payable-upon-death bank account qualify for distribution.

Probate Solutions For Arkansas Clients — Contact McMullan & Brown

As your lawyer, Amy Clemmons Brown strives to take the intimidation out of the probate administration processes, for family members who have never been through them. She gives you confidence that while you go about your personal and professional lives, your estate-related legal affairs are being capably handled.

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