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Estate Planning

Estate planning is for everyone — not just retirees. Individuals, business owners and young families with small children can all benefit from a proactive, personalized combination of wills, trusts, powers of attorney and health care directives that guard against the possibility of incapacitation.

Whatever your age, marital status or the size of your estate, the customized documents you craft today, with the help of an experienced estates attorney, can ensure your loved ones’ financial security.

In Little Rock, the skilled lawyer who listens to your long-range wishes and respects your estate goals is Amy Clemmons Brown of the McMullan & Brown law firm.

Amy uses her decades of experience, extensive legal knowledge and direct personal service to formulate an estate plan you can be proud of. A tragedy in her own life, the sudden passing of a loved one, convinced her of the importance of estate planning — and the need to pass this valuable lesson on to you.

Estate Planning Solutions That Address Your Arkansas Family’s Unique Issues

Amy Clemmons Brown places special focus on practice areas that relate to your estate objectives, such as:

A quick word of caution: estate planning is no do-it-yourself project. People who think they can represent themselves on the printed pages of an estate plan typically make mistakes that can cost their relatives dearly “down the road.” The wisest investment you can make along these lines is in an estate and probate lawyer who knows how to protect your rights, preserve your investments and respond appropriately to the surprises life can provide.

Estate planning is the preparation for any contingency. Probate Administration are the execution of those forward-looking estate plans. For careful guidance throughout the process and a finished product that brings you peace of mind, come to McMullan & Brown. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation. Just call 501-490-9298 or stay online to reach us by email message.