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Special Needs Trusts

A special needs trust is exactly what it says: a useful, humane estate planning tool that permits a parent, guardian or grandparent to provide funds for a disabled child or vulnerable senior without disrupting the special needs relative’s eligibility for government aid.

An experienced estate planning attorney can help you designate an appropriate guardian; decide on a suitable trustee for management of the special needs trust’s assets, and supervise the recipient’s finances; and if the person in question is a child, plan for education, personal, lodging and emotional issues.

In Little Rock and throughout Arkansas, the skilled lawyer who is sensitive to your goals and challenges is Amy Clemmons Brown, partner in the McMullan & Brown law firm.

Amy’s decades of experience and understanding for your concerns can translate to effective, customized estate planning, and the special needs trust’s role in it, that provides for the futures of those you love most.

Amy is receptive to everything you tell her about your family’s specific situation. She sympathizes with your desire to ensure that a disabled or incapacitated family member is cared for during and after your life. Your working relationship with her can produce an estate plan you will be proud of — binding documentation that brings you priceless peace of mind.

Estate Planning Solutions For Arkansas Families With Special Needs Relatives

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