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Title Claims And Disputes — Property Owners

In some situations, title issues for individual property owners differ from those of insurers. These can include legal arguments over property lines, access to roads on property, easements and encroachments (essentially, arguments over the lawful use of another’s land), and determination of priority of lenders (such as mechanic’s liens and superior rights arguments).

Other matters involving property owners could include situations concerning faulty or defective construction or design. At still other times, a property owner may seek general representation for buying and selling their house or business to make sure all appropriate documents are obtained, signed, and fulfilled.

Attorneys at McMullan & Brown have the experience, the competency, and the personal concern to effectively assist individuals with their real estate issues. Contact us to learn how the firm can help.

Preservation of the value of your property is not just your concern, it will be theirs too. The Firm’s fee structure is reasonable to help in that preservation.