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Asset Protection

Family members and heads of households who are planning estates should be aware — on behalf of themselves and senior loved ones — of strategies for protection of wealth and legacy through planning, wealth and tax management.

Asset protection should be a major priority of any estate plan. Its goals include:

  • Sheltering assets from creditors
  • Guarantee the distribution of your estate after your passing
  • Minimizing of estate taxes
  • Ensuring that inheritances are protected so they cannot be lost in litigation or a divorce
  • Protecting assets belonging to professionals with licensed practices, against seizure by court order
  • Correct titling of assets and accounts
  • Compliance for asset transfers, to guard against fraudulent transfers

The knowledgeable estate planning attorney who can set these objectives into motion for you is Amy Clemmons Brown of the McMullan & Brown law firm. She brings decades of experience to the job of preserving assets for yourself, your relatives or a senior loved one.

Amy listens carefully as you describe your financial picture and plans for the future, then enters relevant information into a Family Wealth Inventory and Assessment Worksheet. For your estate planning in general and asset protection approach in particular, the finished product will be customized to your exact needs, and can be refined or refreshed over time. We can also confer with your financial adviser, accountant or insurance agent if necessary.

McMullan & Brown — Estate Solutions You Can Trust In Benton , Arkansas

Your initial consultation with experienced estate planning lawyer Amy Clemmons Brown is your opportunity to learn about how asset protection can benefit your — and your loved ones’ — futures. Contact McMullan & Brown today by phone at 501-490-9298 or by email.