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Four Legal Problem Areas In Real Estate

Although real estate is a complex and diverse industry, there are some commonalities to be found in transactions. The attorneys of McMullan & Brown in Little Rock often resolve problems from among these four areas for people buying and selling real estate in Arkansas:

1. Problems With Title

Title refers to a property owner’s right to own, use or sell a piece of land. If a seller doesn’t have clear title to a property, they will need to “cure” title defects such as liens, mistakes in recording the deed and others.

2. Problems With Access

In rural areas, properties may be connected to a county road by a driveway or path that is not recognized legally as part of the property. In this case, an easement or another legal tool may be necessary to grant a property owner access to his or her land.

3. Problems With Disclosures

Disclosure statements are a critical part of the home-buying process. A seller can be sued for not revealing significant property defects (and thus need a defense attorney). Likewise, buyers may need representation if they purchased a property unaware of defects not listed in the disclosures.

4. Problems With Enforcement

Once a contract for a real estate transaction has been drafted, challenges may still remain. A buyer or seller may attempt to back out of an agreement if a better offer looms on the horizon. The specter of litigation to enforce a pending contract may provide an incentive to complete the transaction in question.

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