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Guardianships/Kids Protection Planning

The best parents do something nice for their children every day.

Estate planning allows you to do something nice for your children every day for the rest of their lives, even in your absence.

A guardianship puts their care in the hands of someone you trust, someone you designate in advance, in the event you are incapacitated or deceased. This useful estate tool has been “on the books” for many years, benefiting countless families in Arkansas and nationwide.

A new twist on this noble purpose is the Kids Protection Plan, as offered by the McMullan & Brown estate planning law firm in Little Rock.

Amy Clemmons Brown shows you what real peace of mind can feel like, as a parent. She can explain how dependent children can be provided for if something tragic happens to a parent or parents, suddenly, unexpectedly, as in an accident. This transition is reflected in legal documents as well as a set of instructions placed on your person, so that authorities will know what to do. The bottom line: your child or children would never wind up in Child Protective Services custody, or in the care of someone you didn’t know, named by a judge who is also a stranger.

Solid Estate Planning Strategies For Anyone Of Any Age

At McMullan & Brown, we offer a kids protection plan with every estate plan we build for clients with small children. If you’re interested in estate planning from a parent’s perspective, you could benefit from an initial consultation with Amy Clemmons Brown. Our lawyer’s decades of experience can work to your advantage, and your child’s, in ways that give you strength to face the future.

Contact us today to speak with an attorney who cares. Call McMullan & Brown at 501-490-9298 or reach us with an email message.