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Trust Administration

Your trust administration attorney should be someone with decades of experience, who is practiced in asset distribution and dedicated to providing responsive personal service throughout the legal process.

In Little Rock and across Arkansas, that skilled estate planning and trust lawyer is Amy Clemmons Brown of the McMullan & Brown law firm.

As opposed to a basic probate administration when a will is present, trust administration can be a complicated area of law. Amy Clemmons Brown works hard to simplify it for you. She can draft a trust; assist with funding of the trust with stocks, bonds, real property and any other kind of personal property; and coordinate with trustees to manage trust property for however long it lasts.

If necessary, in the event of a spouse’s death, Amy can also dissolve an original trust and create other trusts in which to transfer property. This could be an A trust, B trust or C trust, or a trust called a bypass, spousal or marital trust (QTIP). If accounting or taxation issues arise, she can access the expertise of professionals in those fields.

McMullan & Brown — Trust Administration Solutions For Arkansas Clients

Beneficiaries and trustees have financial interests and legal rights that should be protected. To discuss your trust administration goals in an initial consultation, call 501-490-9298. We reply promptly to all email messages.