About McMullan & Brown, An Established Real Estate Firm

Our firm is able to provide assistance for title insurance companies needing help with claims in the Little Rock, Arkansas, area as well as in other locations throughout the state. Having competent legal counsel able to address title insurance claims provides title insurance companies and their agents with an additional layer of customer service. The lenders and consumers who regularly use our services benefit when their claims are handled quickly and effectively.

Experience is what sets our law firm apart. We have more than routine familiarity with typical legal real estate issues such as closings. We are proficient in handling complex, challenging cases having to do with:

  • Title claims and quiet title actions for title companies
  • Title and contract disputes for property owners
  • Commercial construction issues
  • Consumer services for property transactions
  • Contract drafting, review, negotiation and enforcement

Our Client-Centered Law Practice

One of the first things you will notice about McMullan & Brown is our dedication to communication. Everyone in the firm is kept aware of the status of each client's case, which leads to better communication with clients. Files are kept current with information about what happened last and what should happen next. What this means to clients is that when they call in, they almost never hear that someone else will "have to get back to them." Any staff member should be able to answer most of your questions. Whether you are calling from a title company or you need information about a commercial construction matter, we are eager to help.

The Problems We Solve

For nearly 30 years, McMullan & Brown has focused on representing clients in all types of real estate transactions and disputes. Our attorneys handle claims involving:

  • The perennial problems affecting real property such as title defects and disputes, document forgery, loan fraud and failure to record crucial documents
  • Questions of nonpayment of commissions or breach of representation contracts
  • Residential housing defect claims
  • Product liability matters involving pre-engineered metal building suppliers
  • Legal matters with an impact on underwriters and title insurance companies

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