Resolving Construction Lien Issues

Contractors in need of preparation or enforcement of construction liens in Arkansas turn to our established Little Rock law firm with confidence. With nearly 30 years in practice in real estate and construction law matters, McMullan & Brown has earned a strong reputation for quality and timeliness in legal issues having to do with commercial construction liens.

We Prepare Liens, Enforce Liens And Defeat Liens

If you are a contractor, a supplier or a professional seeking to protect your interests in a building project in Little Rock or anywhere in the state, we will gladly explain how we can help ensure you are paid for your investment of work or materials. We can put a lien in place and help establish your lien's proper priority. As needed, we can identify relevant lien waivers and assert your rights to timely remuneration.

Alternatively, you may be concerned about enforcement of an already existing lien. Through our proven-effective litigation skills, we can sue for foreclosure if necessary to defend your right to compensation for your labor and materials.

Or you may be a lender seeking to defeat a lien that stands in the way of your ability to recoup your investment. We can bring lawsuits and foreclose on properties on your behalf. Our track record of successful outcomes has made our firm a go-to source for professional and commercial entities in need of representation in connection with construction lines.

Let Us Explain How We Can Protect Your Financial Interests In An In-Progress Or Completed Construction Project

Discuss your lien-related concerns with an experienced lawyer at McMullan & Brown in Little Rock, Arkansas. For nearly 30 years, our attorneys have been providing reliable lender representation and handling mechanic's liens on our clients' behalf. We invite you to contact our law firm online or by phone at 501-376-9119 to schedule a consultation.