Commercial Construction Matters

Commercial construction contracts are time-consuming for a contractor to review. The contractor needs both prompt attention and a firm familiar with the construction industry to give advice on contract terms. The small contractor needs a skilled negotiator.

McMullan & Brown is well-recognized for handling large commercial litigation and arbitration, notably with construction contract interpretation. Our firm has successfully handled the litigation of construction disputes over such issues as:

  • Claims for delay in completion
  • Owner changes
  • Disputes over the scope of work
  • Defects and failures based on design and mechanical failures
  • Mechanic's liens
  • Change orders and extra work issues.

Representing Contractors, Developers And Property Owners

If you are a contractor in or near Little Rock, Arkansas, your contract with the general contractor will likely be a form contract based on the language proposed by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). While the contract is a prewritten form, it can still be altered to reflect your requirements. McMullan & Brown has extensive experience negotiating, modifying and enforcing the terms and conditions contained in the standard AIA contract.

As with individual property owners, commercial property developers and owners can also run into difficulty with chain of title. Title disputes in a commercial construction context may involve the ownership of a particular piece of land, the right to that land, and the general right of the commercial owner to prohibit others from using or coming upon the land.

Our Little Rock Law Firm Can Evaluate Your Case

Do you have a legal issue related to commercial construction? McMullan & Brown can help. Contact the firm to learn how we can lay the proper foundation for your project.