Attorney Referrals

Every attorney associating local counsel wants to be certain his client will receive the best legal services at a reasonable cost. So when a client, friend or relative asks you to send them to someone to help with a real estate issue in Arkansas, you want to be sure you find the best. as experienced attorneys at McMullan & Brown, we will ensure that when you send them a case, your client or family member will get the type of representation they deserve — the kind of representation you would give them. You are probably visiting this site hoping to learn about this firm and determine whether you would feel comfortable sending a long-time client or friend to visit our firm. We will gladly confer with you to help you arrive at the right answer.

As another attorney visiting this site, we at McMullan & Brown know you are interested in the same things we are: Providing excellent legal service and personal attention at a competitive rate.

Our entire staff at McMullan & Brown hopes that, by taking the time to look over the content on these pages, you will see we have the experience to handle any real estate matter, regardless of its complexity. Our firm welcomes the privilege to talk to you, lawyer to lawyer, and explain the services and representation we can provide for your client.

Take a moment to review all the information at this website, including the information that explains the ways in which we have represented other clients. Rest assured we can use that experience to benefit your client. You're invited to review some of our biographical information to learn more about our qualifications. Then, feel free to contact us and ask whatever questions you may have. Our attorneys can discuss the case or transaction you are now considering to help decide if referring the case to us is best for your client.

If you are an attorney with a title company and are looking for outside counsel in Arkansas, McMullan & Brown would like to talk to you. Our experience in this area is second to none. We have built the firm with the goal of developing our knowledge and skills to be ready to deliver effective resolutions to real estate problems. Experience counts and the experience of our firm's founder, Marian McMullan, is well-recognized for all aspects of title insurance. Retain the firm to manage your real estate work, including underwriting, closings, litigation of title claims and preparation of closing documents, or escrow issues.